Once I built a castle,
a castle in the sand
I used beachwater and brick-on-brick,
I built it up by hand.

I started at the bottom,
I planned to build it up so high,
Filled with ballrooms, dungeons, carpet,
towering in the sky.

You start with the foundation,
you must make it really strong,
built to hold a thousand people
standing solid centuries long.

You worry about the plumbing,
and where the wires flow,
you travel forward a hundred years
to see where sockets should go.

You pick out fancy flooring,
you hand-select the wood,
you pour the concrete, set the bricks
you hope it holds for good.

You’ve got the bones in place now,
your skeleton is taking shape,
as you fashion flesh and blood, you wonder,
why the passers-by, they gape.

This is your grand construction,
your beautiful design,
those armchair critics and lazy detractors,
can’t see what’s in your mind.