Walking across the corner of the stony facade,
My life flashed by me,
The wind blowing hard.

The raindrops pattering on the cobbled street,
Memories of a different life,
The windows covered with sleet.

The granite statutes, stood up high,
I collapsed onto the bench,
My head turned to the sky.

Water forming rivulets down my face,
My eyes closed,
My heart longing for embrace.

My task came to mind, I was here for a reason,
I stood and looked about,
all was calm, the winter season.

The darkness enveloping, seething with fury,
I hurried past the gates,
the gargoyles eyes leery.

I dropped the envelope, into the lamenting box,
I turned to flee,
I tripped over the rocks.

My eyes blinded by light, I raised my head,
Two lights fast approaching,
I knew I was dead.

The wheels screeched to a halt, an inch away,
Four boots clicked against the pavement,
Two guns held me sway.

My mind overloaded, I opened my mouth to scream,
The darkness flashed white,
My life’s nightmare, was just a dream.