College Musings

Twenty four hours later,
Deeply involved in an omlette,
I heard my fork clink impatiently,
against the ceramic.
My mind hazy,
My eyes blurred,
Voices in the background
An annoying buzz in the foreground.
One high pitched girl,
Giggling about her date last night,
Another, giggling about her date tonight.
Their friends nodding knowingly.
Their words were curious,
completely formed squeals,
inciting peals of laughter
one recollection, another, imagination.
Advice, easily thrown about,
falls on deaf ears -
No man could have done it better,
He was a true gentleman.
Is that all they talk about?
Girls about men,
Boys about sports,
Giggling and criticizing.
I drop my fork with a sigh,
And look up at the giggling girls across the room
At which point my buddy turns to me,
“She seems excited about your date tonight”