Laugh!Cover your soul,
I can see through you,you know
I can see through the show.

Smile!In your cynical way,
But I saw the falter,the hesitation,
I saw the sadness behind that elation.

Giggle!In that girlish way,
But I saw the look,when asked to stay,
I saw you make faces,when I turned away.

Leave,with your pride intact,
Turn your back,go away,
I never wanted you anyway!

Laugh!For I am a fool,
I made a mistake,you know,
There never was a show.

Smile!while I blow myself away,
That damn lie was my creation,
My own folly, my misinterpretation.

Giggle!while I dare to say,
You were unfaithful,the breakaway,
While I was insecure,on that bloody Friday!

Dont leave!Please come back
Dont listen to what I say,
I ve always wanted you, do stay!