Daisy Dee

My Daisy, She’s crazy,

She makes no mortal sense,

A cutie, a beauty,

A man has no defence.

My Daisy, She’s crazy,

She’s smart as ever seen

She’s pretty, and witty

Her hair’s a velvet sheen.

My Daisy, She’s crazy,

More crazy than before,

She’ll use it, then lose it,

She’ll throw you out the door.

My Daisy, she’s lazy,

She’ll make you do her work,

Then tease you,and please you,

She’ll drive you straight berserk.

My Daisy, dear daisy,

She giggles prettily,

my honey, so funny,

She’l drive you mad with glee.

My Daisy, dear daisy,

Oh Daisy, Daisy Dee,

She’s lazy, and crazy,

She’s the only one for me.

– Toronto, Canada