Finger Eleven

There once stood,

a heavy arch, besotted with weed,

it’s wooden arms inscribed, so deep,

with smitten tales of creed;

Its magnificent size,

was testament to it’s worth,

it’s still immortal legacy,

once ruled all the earth.

It’s intricate carvings,

told tales of warriors bold,

of far lands and lonely banks,

of scorching heat and cold.

It stood through all sea and storm,

unmoving in its might,

it stood firm in absolution,

missive of the light.

It was planted there, by one,

who understood us all,

his fairy name and plaintive sight,

his was the pious’ call.

One man knew all of us,

but man was he still,

he bid us to learn and grow,

we bent to his will.

What fain animosity,

would kill another soul,

what be a carnivore’s sole motive

what has a dirty goal.

If in all its fantasy,

did the earth survive this earth,

our only place, a carnal race,

forever we give birth.