Matter of a muse

Every night I come here

To look out at the sky

It’s a thousand miles around me

It’s clouds and passers-by

It’s mountains in the distance

Like shadows on a wall

It’s the sun’s and moon’s insistence

It’s a pigeon and its call

It’s street lamps burning yellow

It’s curtains in the blues

It’s children waving hello

It’s the matter of a muse -

I sit here on a doorstep

And watch the children play

One cannot see me worry

The other can’t hear me pray

But you, my darling angel,

You’re the voice that spears this night

You’re the triumphant laugh of freedom

You’re the hallmark of the right -

You’re the woman in the armour

hard working and so brave

the warrior in the mirror

you’re the people that you save -

You’re worthy and you’re wise

You’re honest and you’re true

Good and just and heedful

I love you (and Krishna does too).