Once upon a time,
Spent long ago,
There was an evil warlord
who had many a foe.

the day was blazing hot,
The good lord held his lance,
To fend off any that,
may attack him perchance.

The war raged on,
many a soldier slew,
but the king had won,
ready to start anew.

In one fight after,
a truly deadly fight,
he faced a mighty wrath,
he battled day and night.

he killed many soldiers,
of the warrior of Good,
but was under siege himself,
and had no food.

In his lust for victory,
he devised a wicked plan
he would attack by night
and destroy the warrior clan.

The deadly night arrived,
aghast the evil stood,
for none were in the camp
of the warrior of Good.

Then came a cry,
a fear stirring medieval,
And so wa the warlord vanquished,
As Good triumphed over Evil.