Another year has passed,

and Man has forgotten,

the mistakes of his past,

his thoughts and deeds,rotten.

The children were affected,

they bore the shackles of Time,

how were they selected?

What was their crime?

Mutilated beasts,

defaced since birth,

while the world feasts,

how fair is our earth?

And when the bomb was dropped,

Nagasaki’s tale was spun,

the mushroom clouded the sky,

“Oh god! What have we done?”

But is such repentance,

enough for such a deed?

Is a death sentence,

reprimand? Or should they be freed?

contrary to serving punishment,

Man must stagger instead,

rethink nuclear policy,repent,

for creating such a need.

Stop all warfare,

end our fight for land

unite the world beyond compare,

live! Proud to be a Man.

Or shall we make a mark,

by fighting it out,

go nuclear in the dark,

make war-cries and shout?

For then we offer God,

His newborn earth in return,

T’was Man who scorched the earth,

the skies he did burn.

Do all we can ,

Lest the melancholy angels of God sing,

And write on the tomb of Man,

“He knew not what he was doing.”