Artificial Man

I know your darkest secrets,

the long forgotten kind,

I know your deepest regrets,

the ones you’d left behind.

We’ve told our tales with laughter,

and felt its deepest touch,

and slept in silence after,

before it was all too much.

We rounded up the holly,

the snow white cake and cream,

the music all so jolly

the chef bursting at the seams.

And it didn’t really matter,

that our friendship then was gone

we watched our old bonds shatter,

as a brand new love was born.

And then I heard them whisper,

soft into my ears,

every time I kissed her

repeat my only fears.

The voices in my head grew,

grew louder, as we went,

I heard them in your head too,

with all the time that we spent.

The swing by the hut swaying,

to an angry sounding wind,

the distant bells were saying,

forgive me, I have sinned.

We found our primate solitude,

in each other’s company,

our only hope together

was to let each other be.

I hear the lies they tell you,

and I hope you understand,

I’m not the kind they sell you,

I’m no artificial man.