bongo in the congo

Drifter, and a finder,

sunlight on a binder.

Clip-clop on the sand dune,

two sides to the same loon.

summer and a winter,

glass breaks, hear it splinter.

Calling on a brick phone,

stepping on a stepstone.

water to the madness,

paper to the sadness.

dewdrop on a woodseat

grooving to a new beat.

ice trail on the sidewalk,

murmurs from bus talk.

clipper, clipping clapper,

flipper, flipping flapper.

exo fighting endo,

into a crescendo

not him nor that her,

kisser and slapper.

slipsqueal of wet chalk,

stop it! we won’t talk.

you will and won’t eat,

ill stare at my feet.

my cure to the sickness,

my friend, my witness.

that hurts, change the ringtone,

drop it, you’re just bone.

one fork, and one spoon,

two colours in my room.

Thinker and a minder,

finder, and kinder.