Drum Roll

I’ve got a computer in the mail,

they say it’s really nice,

well beyond ordinary ,

a cutting-edge device.

It’s got to be the finest bling,

I’m paying for the best,

blu-ray drive, multi-core

two more than all the rest.

It has a black exterior,

with an alien head,

leather lined interior,

sewn with the finest thread.

It has an Internet Adapter,

and several other ports,

so I can check my email fast,

and write my school reports.

On the clear-lit LCD screen,

I can get my music free,

once I have my movies there,

I’ll get rid of my TV.

It also has a telephone,

so I can make my calls,

and extra loud speakers so

my neighbours hear the LOLs.

It cost me a month’s salary,

but I know it’s worth its price,

after all, why would they sell me,

an inferior device.