Spring is here again,

the greymetal springs into the guild

people are happier, i think.

Or maybe I’m happier.


Watching reflections on the glass window

the world seems so quiet on the other side


and I cant stand the sight of my own face

lit up by the cosmetic lighting

all very cosmetic.

I think it’s because of the books behind me.

They make me look bad.


Ahead, the ground slips into tarred road.

so perfect. so straight. rhythm is soothing


and everyone that walks by looks up at me

but they don’t know i can see them see me

see them. see


people have the brightest clothing

blue with green. yellow with white.

i like that. blue with green.

it makes sense. like skyscrapers


I think i’ll stop now – I hear a train coming

and I need to be on it.

atleast, i think i do.

Davis Center Waterloo, Canada