Pinkmellow yellow on a cashewnut tree
coffeewet mud and a cottage at sea.

Bluewalled bedroom opened out to a scene
creakywood furnace and a halfnaked teen.

little red pot and its coldwater glasses
portrait on a wall that everyone passes.

Redribbon sunsets and faraway trees
a hot bellied scumwell,its dreaded disease.

thick fiery carpet, patched in six places
leathery boots and their leathery laces.

woodboard walls for a posterhappy boy
sequined shawls sunsparkling with joy.

icky green fungi along the compound rocks
4 meddly faces of grandfather(’s) clocks

two pensive boys on a glass ventilator
stand in competition, the longer the greater

drop down, crash bang,blood wound gory
giggles on the skyline, sob sob story

blackout fade in fade out, no pain no gain
whitenoise whiterain whitewater whitepain

happy sad good bad, love hate, go free
my home,my darling, my only, mine. me.