Head For The Barricade

I think I saw you home that day,

flashing by me past,

I wasn’t at your home that day,

Our love not meant to last.

I saw you at the school that day,

giggling as you will,

I know you weren’t at school that day,

you mighty bitter pill.

I know I saw you by my side,

when I had lost my mind,

Despite your sully sodden pride,

I, you will never find.

I know I heard you say you were,

mine in times of need,

I know everyone you fear,

I know you’re only greed.

I know my visions are but fake,

my mind not truly sound,

Those freely callous words you spoke,

the way you pushed me down.

I was blinded by my light,

my darkness is it now,

I never was part of the fight,

my only fighter thou.