September 13

Don’t be silly child,

I didn’t mean any of that,

and you know it/

Mommy says things,you know,

when she’s angry

with someone/

(That silly man

gentleman indeed

do you KNOW what he said?)

Nevermind, lets go

get you that icecream,

the store must be open now/

Okay, okay, if you must,

here, take that, and don’t wander!

Just come straight back home/

You do know how

to cross the road now

dont you?

That woman, incredible,

the things people do for money,

I tell you/

How’s the cheek, kid?

Did she tell you I’m evil?

I’m not, you know/

Let’s get you that icecream then,

by the way,does she know

that you visit me?

Right, so what flavour,

chocolate as usual?

cup or cone?

cough, do you smell smoke?

these crazy smokers,

killing themselves willingly/

Maybe if I had gone with him?

why did I let him go alone?

why so young?

One story and two lives

eighteen of them fall,

one smoking can of death,

all for one, one for all.